The Jefferson LandWorks Collaborative, based in Jefferson County, WA, is a network of local non-profit partners working for a common goal:

to make “working lands” in Jefferson County productive and profitable,

thus ensuring their long term viability. Each of the LandWorks partners provide expertise in different areas to help farmers and foresters succeed in Jefferson County. As a group, LandWorks partners work closely with farmers, foresters and other landowners to provide assistance in securing and preserving land, financial advising, marketing opportunities, educational training, and resource management.

Meet the Partners



LandWorks works directly with landowners and potential farmer/ foresters on a case-by-case basis to determine the needs of their operation. Each partner offers a unique skill set and expertise to help existing or future projects. 

How can LandWorks help YOU? Many of our partners’ services are provided at little to no cost. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Some examples include:

  • Available land. Working with new or tenant farmers to find farmland to lease or purchase;
  • Funding sources. Finding funding to purchase agricultural easements that will keep the land “working” while at the same time compensating the landowner for the loss of development potential;
  • Business planning. Providing business planning assistance and financing for new and existing ventures;
  • Education and training. Advising and educating landowners in marketing, production and processing of their product;
  • Grant sources. Helping to find grant funding for specific projects that will help improve the productivity or profitability of an operation.
  • Data collection. Mapping and tracking current farm land in east Jefferson County.
  • Legacy planning. Estate planning to ensure land can be passed to another generation.

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The effort to preserve working land and it’s resources in our rural county involves you, too. We rely on the initiative and generosity of engaged citizens who believe that agriculture and forestry are good for the economy, the community, and the environment.

Please consider assisting our effort in the following ways:

  • Volunteer. Volunteer with our member organizations;
  • Sell. Work with the Jefferson LandWorks partners to help you find the next buyer or farmer for your farm. 
  • Buy. Purchase farm and wood products produced locally and sustainably;
  • Sponsor. Sponsor a new farmer by helping to purchase or lease land;
  • Conserve. Place an easement on your working land that would ensure productivity in perpetuity;
  • Donate. Make a financial, tax deductible donation to the Jefferson LandWorks Collaborative.

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